Plugin Modules

Monitoring and Automation:

icon_monitoringAs the cornerstone of your Managed Service the importance of monitoring and automation cannot be overlooked. I have yet to meet a truly successful MSP without a clear and regulated monitoring and automation program.

Having personally being involved in the monitoring of over 30,000 end points and assisting MSPs with tens of thousands of further end-points we have developed a ‘best practice’ list of monitoring which can be easily deployed, and crucially ‘learns’ as your end points change. Add automation around ‘services’ and ‘perfmon’ and you have a solid platform on which to customize your services.

Monitoring and Automation Packages

MSP Assist Kaseya ‘Plugin’

Our software is verified by Kaseya as a 3rd party provider and  integrates within the Kaseya platform to provide a host of functionality:

  • 1-click monitoring and deployment
  • Standardized monitoring across your business
  • De-duplication of tickets and alerts on customized rules based technology
  • See the benefits immediately

Improving the core functionality of your business by driving efficiency and profitability in your Service desk and across the team.

End-User Password management

Imagine a world where you never had to manage end-user password resets, and where customers never had to wait for a reset.

  • Automated password resets
  • Instant response for end- users
  • Seamless Kaseya integration
  • More time for value-add tasks

Our software provides the first step in user self-service, integrates with Kaseya deploying local services to your clients that will allow them to manage their own password resets

Kaseya to Service Desk Integration

Kaseya to Service Desk (Autotask & Connectwise) integration:

  • Improve efficiency, by eliminating double entry
  • Tickets quickly categorized
  • Option for managing configurations
  • From simple ticket management to complete integration
  • Many more….

Get the most out of Kaseya Service Desk by tying it directly to your PSA server for cross communication and status updates.

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